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Re-energize your home and office to create a more abundant life.

Angela Doiron is an Environmental Space Clearing & Feng Shui Expert who will improve your life by finding positive vibrations and curing negative vibrations in your home, office, or other environment.

Our environment has a substantial impact on us. Energy or vibrations that we cannot see or hear can affect us positively or negatively. The Earth’s natural vibrations support our immune system, body, and mind. When these natural vibrations are disturbed, their energy can turn negative. Studies show that electromagnetic fields from overhead power lines, cell phones, etc. can have negative impacts. Examples include experiencing issues with sleeping, chronic pain, illness, memory loss, depression, or even keeping a healthy garden. We could also have a positive energy vortex that can energize everything we do when we are near one.

Angela can identify the causes of these vibrations in your space and help you understand the effects of them on you and your family. She will work with the Earth’s physical energy systems to find the sources of your problems in your life, including your relationships. She uses rods to detect energy disturbances, and will then place specially activated metal sticks and copper rings in your space to improve the energy. Your space will be transformed, and so will you. Once your space is cleared, you’ll have more energy. Inspiring ideas will come effortlessly, and if acted upon, then they could lead to quicker manifestations.


About Angela Doiron

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“In December 2010, I received an environmental space clearing home study course as a Christmas gift. At the time, I was looking for a miracle to heal myself of chronic fatigue and to improve my ability to concentrate. A few years later, I attended in-person environmental space clearing classes. In the first class, the instructor began placing cures and activations around the room and I could feel the energy shift upward. It was the most amazing experience. I started to feel better, more alert, and I had a greater sense of clarity. Of all the healing modalities I have tried, this had the greatest positive effect on me and my family. That was the moment I decided to pursue it professionally.


In July 2015, I became a Certified Expert to help people improve other people's lives just like I have improved mine. Strong people lead to stronger families, leading to stronger communities, leading to stronger countries."

With Gratitude,


Angela Doiron was born and raised in North Carolina, and currently lives near Charlotte with her husband and two teenage sons. She has received two degrees, one in General Education and another in Laser & Electro-Optics Technology.


Environmental Space Clearing & Feng Shui Packages are tailored to each client’s individual needs. Each client will receive an individual consultation to learn more about you and the environment you would like to clear. 

Environmental Space Clearing & Feng Shui Packages include:​

  • Space Clearing of the Home and Land

  • Curing/Clearing Negative Vortexes

  • Curing Geopathic Stress Lines

  • Curing Interference Lines

  • Curing Negative Hartmann and Curry Lines

  • 30 minute Feng Shui​ Consultation

Contact Angela to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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"Angela was able to raise the vibration of my home to a quantum level during a very dark period in my life.  This transition not only changed the quality of life within the home, but my quality of life.  I was making some poor relationship choices, thus causing emotional pain and financial loss.  After the vibrational level of the home was increased, the source of both could no longer remain in that environment, thus leaving it behind.  Soon after Angela was able to bring my home to a quantum level and a very lucritative proposition was presented to me regarding the sale of my home.  A family was willing to rent the home, take total responsibility for all repairs and upkeep.  I explained that the house was very special.  As I have been in contact with the family, they have indicated how great the neighbors have been, reaching out to them in time of need and assisting with getting adjusted to the new home.  They couldn't be happier.  The arrangement has also made life much easier for me as I am now near my family.  All this happened within a span of six months.  Little did I expect that the timeline would be so short.  I will be forever grateful for the work that Angela was able to provide in not only my home but in my life. "

Barbara Y.  Mooresville, NC


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